Major Upgrades is a collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Perform three major upgrades to Skyhold.

Acquisition Edit

The collection begins by finding three requisition recipes on a desk in the Inquisitor's Quarters at Skyhold which unlock three new side quests:

Note: The Inquisitor's Quarters are part of the second stage of Skyhold's renovations and as such can only be entered after leaving the hold once and returning. This can be done by either physically traveling to another area via the World Map or by asking Solas to [Special.] "tell [me] more about yourself," which would be a trip to Haven, though only in the Inquisitor's dreams. (See Solas' approval page for this option's prerequisites.)
Note: The journal entry for this collection appears only, after one of the upgrades has been performed. Thus its initial tally will be 1/3.

Certain upgrades may be synchronized across playthroughs using the Golden Nug.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Obtain the recipes
  • Fulfil the quotas and craft the required item at a requisition table
Note: The upgrades are irreversible, so you may wish to save the game before choosing one in case you don't like your selection.

Skyhold Garden Edit

Once the required requisition item is crafted, you make your choice at the upgrade marker in Skyhold's garden, next to the well:


A Chantry garden

Chantry Garden
– Reverence and Reflection –
Upgrades the garden to a chantry, bringing hope to all who seek it. A functional upgrade that brings a potential resource gain from the inspired, including gold from tithes.

A statue in the Chantry garden

Note: Despite its description, the Chantry Garden does not produce extra resources or gold for the Inquisitor's use.


Skyhold Herb Garden

The herb garden

Herb Garden
– Utility and Comfort –
Upgrades the garden by committing the space to simple greenery and cultivation. A functional change that allows more herbs to be harvested.
  • A cosmetic upgrade to the garden.
  • Four additional seed planters (combined with the original two for a total of six) to use for herb harvesting.
Note: Visually there is no real difference between the before and after of this upgrade; most noticeable is the addition of the extra herb pots.

Both options also unlock the codex entry: Skyhold Garden (see Bugs).

Courtyard Upgrade Edit

Once the required requisition item is crafted, you make your choice at the upgrade marker on the stairs to Skyhold's main hall:

Skyhold Infirmary

The infirmary

– Caring and Support –
A cosmetic upgrade that declares the Inquisition's promise to be both welcoming and protective for all who seek its support.
  • A new building next to the quartermaster's office that is used as an infirmary.


Skyhold Sparring Ring

A sparring ring

Sparring Ring
– Skill and Dedication –
A cosmetic upgrade that declares the Inquisition's investment in the recruitment and training of its soldiers, so that all who wish to fight are put to their best use.
  • A practice ground positioned between the tavern and the main stairs that lead up to the hall. Soldiers are seen sparring in the ring.

Main Watchtower Edit

See also: Gallery

Once the required requisition item is crafted, you make your choice at the upgrade marker on the battlements, east of Cassandra's place near the armory (take the stairs, here):

Mage Tower
– Cunning and Influence –
A cosmetic upgrade that declares the Inquisition's commitment to careful magical study. Skyhold's mage tower will be the envy of any Circle.


Templar Tower
– Strength and Preparation –
A cosmetic upgrade that shows the commitment to the utility of vigilance. The tower becomes a templar hold to rival any in southern Thedas.
* Turns Skyhold's northernmost tower into a Templar Tower.
* Unlocks the Templar Order Banner Crown.

Choose one option from each of the three upgrades to complete the collection.

Rewards Edit

  • 200 Influence

Notes Edit

  • Regardless of whether the courtyard has been upgraded with the infirmary, the practice ground or not at all, the infirmary is mentioned in several comments and dialogues by various inhabitants of Skyhold.[citation needed]

Bugs Edit

pcIcon pc Upon choosing your garden upgrade, Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Skyhold Garden automatically unlocks and a scroll appears on the well. Interacting with the scroll grants XP for both the Chantry Garden and Herb Garden. However, the scroll only contributes to the Patron of the Arts song collection if you choose the Herb Garden. Purchasing the codex from Willvan afterwards does not update the collection either so it appears the song is not available if you choose the Chantry Garden.

It should be noted, however, that the collection can still be completed if every other available song in the game is found/unlocked.

Gallery Edit

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