Mainar is a member of the Warrior Caste and an officer in the dwarven army. He is encountered in the Dwarf Commoner Origin during the Proving Loyalties quest.


Mainar is a veteran of two darkspawn campaigns and a survivor of the battle at Kar Elerin. In one of these campaigns he commanded a unit of fifty men to search out a darkspawn nest but less than twenty made it back alive.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

In the outbreak of the Fifth Blight, Duncan reaches Orzammar to look for able recruits to join the Grey Warden ranks. Subsequently an unusually important Proving has been called in order for the best of the warrior caste to compete and have the honour of joining the Grey Wardens. However several illegal bets were made on the matches. Lord Vollney of the House Vollney has bet 100Gold that Mainar will be defeated by Everd, a young and unaccomplished warrior and works with Beraht, the leader of the Carta, to make that happen.

Beraht uses the Dwarf Commoner and Leske to use a drug on Mainar's water basin which if the latter drinks from it, will make him uneffective and give the advantage on Everd. However when they reach Everd's room, they find him taking a nap afrer drinking too much. Fearing that Beraht will have them and Rica killed, the Dwarf Commoner decides to wear Everd's armor and fight on his behalf. Then the Dwarf Commoner can fight Mainar fairly and not use the drug or try to drug him. If the Dwarf Commoner decides to drug him, he will speak will Mainar and with suffecient Coercion (one point is enough), he can pretend to be a fan of Mainar, a worker who is tasked in replacing the water and be tipped with 5Bronze for his/her service or pretend being Everd and try to persuade him to leave his room and go to the Proving Master.

Whether Mainar was drugged or not, he will fight the Dwarf Commoner with Everd's armor and be defeated. However, when the drunk Everd enters the ring, he recognizes him and mentions that he fought an imposter to the Proving Master. Afterwards the Proving Master orders the Dwarf Commoner to remove the helm and reveal their identity. When it is revealed that a casteless fought on the ring, the entire Proving is called as invalid.

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