The Mahariel family belongs to the Sabrae clan of Dalish elves which is lead by Keeper Marethari during the events of the Fifth Blight and Dragon Age II.

Background Edit

The patriarch of the Mahariel family was the former Keeper of the Sabrae clan prior to Marethari. He fell in love with a hunter from another clan in somewhat controversial circumstances[1], however it is not known if that happened before he became the clan's Keeper or not.

The pair's joy was short-lived. Before their young baby was born the two of them were ambushed and attacked by a group of humans and city elves. The Keeper was killed outright and his wife was wounded. She lived long enough to give birth to the Dalish Elf and soon after disappeared in grief. From then on Ashalle took over the care of Mahariel, as their guardian.

References Edit

  1. Stated through conversation with Ashalle during the Dalish Elf Origin.
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