Magisters are members of the Magisterium, the upper house of the Tevinter Imperial Senate.[1] These coveted seats are split among the Circle of Magi, the Chantry, and the major families- who are currently all mages. Their edicts rule the Tevinter Imperium.[2] Young mages often aspire to become a magister's apprentice because it offers them the best chance of ascending to the rank of magister. Foreign mages may also indenture themselves to a magister in order to eventually become imperial citizens.[3]


The Magisterium was established by Archon Darinius[4]. One can be part of the Magisterium in various ways:

  • A magister is chosen from each of the seven Circles of Magi in Tevinter, usually from the ranks of senior enchanters. However, First Enchanters are ineligible for becoming magisters.
  • Every Grand Cleric of the Imperial Chantry has a seat, as does the Imperial Divine.
  • Seats can be inherited by the magisters' heirs.
  • The Imperial Archon reserves the right to appoint new magisters of his choosing at any time.[5]

The Archon used to be elected from the ranks of the Magisterium but this practice has been banned since the Black Age.[5]

After the Third Blight, the Andrastian Chantry promoted the story that a group of magisters managed to physically enter the Fade and the Golden City of the Maker.[6] According to that story, this act corrupted the city and led to the creation of the first darkspawn.

Known magisters

  • Archons, rulers of the Imperium, are part of the Magisterium.
  • Adralla, born in Vyrantium. After she fled from Tevinter, she was commissioned by Divine Clemence I in 4:46 Black to write the Litany of Adralla, a tool against blood mages and demonic possession.[7][8][9]
  • Aesthia, she lived in 7:71 Storm and criticized blood magic in a letter to her apprentice.[10]
  • Vibius Agorian, who authored the text Questioning the Chant.[11][12]
  • Ahriman, according to Hadriana, Fenris' sister, Varania, serves at his court.
  • Gereon Alexius, a member of the Venatori and the mentor of Dorian Pavus.
  • Allineas, a famous researcher during the Towers Age who first coined the term "arcanist derangement" in relation with apostates.[13]
  • Irian Amladaris, current representative of House Amladaris in the Magisterium as of 9:40 Dragon[14]
  • Zaldereon Antonidas, an acquaintance of Professor Frederic[15]
  • Aurarius, who campaigned for increased funding to the Circles in 9:39. [16]
  • Calanthus, he believed he would become the "Ascended Man" and for that purpose he sacrificed thirty three slaves in a rite which turned him into an abomination. He lived before 7:71 Storm.[10]
  • Callistus, of Teraevyn, his research on the Fade earned him the epithet "the Fade-Touched".[17]
  • Cavellus, creator of the Amulet of the War Mage.
  • Corypheus, one of the ancient magisters who entered the Golden City and became one of the first darkspawn.
  • Cruxis, he led an expedition into the Arbor Wilds.[18]
  • Danarius, Fenris's master.
  • Delphine, lived in Minrathous at 8:65 Blessed.[19]
  • Erasthenes, a famed scholar of the Old gods
  • Gallus, a magister in league with the Venatori who studied bound demons in the Hissing Wastes.[20]
  • Livius Erimond, a magister and a member of the Venatori.
  • Hadriana, an apprentice of Danarius.
  • Harach, the famous creator of the Juggernaut armor set.[21]
  • Emerius Krayvan, founder of Kirkwall.[22]
  • Oratius, a poet who authored the Chant for Dreamers[23]
  • Gideon Pavus, founder of the Pavus family during the Exalted Age.[24]
  • Halward Pavus, the current representative of the Pavus family in the Magisterium and father of Dorian.[25]
  • Parthalan, his legion was supposed to quell a slave uprising in Kirkwall, but none of them ever arrived. Owner of a special staff.
  • Pelidanus, head of the Corial Order in the early Exalted Age.[26]
  • Pellinar, who wrote about the cultural habits of the Orlesians to his countrymen.[27]
  • Pendictus, a researcher of the secrets of elven Veilfire[28]
  • Prycis, a magister in league with the Venatori, who commanded to examine the elven ruins near Crestwood.[29]
  • Quillan, who served under Claudian and enforced the cruel practices within the Bone Pit in -35 Ancient.[30]
  • Talerio, a magister involved in the Imperium's first expedition against the Avvars, and later against the rest of the Alamarri, including Chasind, in -712 Ancient (483 TE). Sanctioned the culling of many residents of the Frostbacks and sacked their encampments for trophies.[31]
  • Maevaris Tilani, a magister and widow of Varric Tethras's cousin, Thorold.
  • Aurelian Titus, a magister with no known lands or family but with a reputation for power and knowing things no others do.
  • Tlaxius, one of the last generals who tried to invade Ferelden and owner of the Staff Of The Magister Lords.
  • Urathus, a magister in league with the Venatori who was active in the Hissing Wastes.
  • Varas, a magister whose apprentice researched the capabilities of vitaar in 9:32 Dragon.[32]
  • Viren, a magister who lectured on the threat of the "oxmen in the north" [33]
  • Claudian Vyrantus, who was the last attendant of the Bone Pit and was feared for his cruelty, owner of the Armor of the Overseer.[34]

Items of magisters

A significant number of artifacts formerly owned by magisters can also be found in the games:

120px-amuletofthewarmage Amulet of the War Mage
Armor set bonus Armor of the Overseer
Ico belt Belt of the Magister Lords
Ico amulet Magister's Shield
Ico belt Magister's Cinch
Staff green DA2 The Magister's Scythe
Ring silver DA2 Ring of the Magister
Ico armor robe Robes of the Magister Lords
Ico staff Staff of the Magister Lord
Staff green DA2 Staff of Parthalan


  • The Well-Read Pig-Farmer was also part of the Magisterium.
  • The ancient magisters suffered physical mutations as a result of massive lyrium consumption.[35]
  • It is common for non-Tevinters to attach the label "magister" to any and all Tevinter mages. This inaccurate practice is considered a mark of ignorance in the Imperium.

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