A magister is one of the ruling mageocrats of the Tevinter Imperium. The Chantry teaches that a group of magisters managed to physically enter the Fade and the Golden City of the Maker. As a result it was corrupted, which led to the creation of the darkspawn.

Notable magisters

  • Danarius
  • Hadriana
  • Ahriman
  • Parthalan
  • Harach, the famous creator of the Juggernaut Armor Set.
  • Emerius Krayvan, founder of Kirkwall.
  • Claudian Vyrantus, who was the last attendant of the Bone Pit and was feared for his cruelty, owner of the Armor of the Overseer.
  • Quillan, who served under Claudian and enforced the cruel practices within the Bone Pit in 35 Ancient.
  • Talerio, a magister involved in the Imperium's first expedition against the Avvars, and later the Alamarri and Chasind, in 483 TE. Sanctioned the culling of many residents of the Frostbacks and sacked their encampments for trophies.
  • Tlaxius, one of the last generals who tried to invade Ferelden and owner of the Staff Of The Magister Lords.
  • Corypheus, one of the old magisters who entered the Golden City and became one of the first darkspawn.


It's possible to find a number of artifacts left behind by the magisters throughout Dragon Age: Origins.

Ico armor robe Robes of the Magister Lords
Ico amulet Magister's Shield
120px-amuletofthewarmage Amulet of the War Mage
Ico staff Staff of the Magister Lord
Ico belt Belt of the Magister Lords
Ico belt Magister's Cinch


  • In Latin magister means master, chief, teacher, warden.
  • It's highly possible that The Architect is also an ancient magister since it shares many similarities to Corypheus but that is yet to be confirmed
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