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The Mages' Collective is a group of magi, comprising of both Apostates and Circle mages, that conspire to operate outside the restrictions and oversight of the Chantry and the Templars.


It is described as a shadow-guild of sorts, wherein members can submit requests relating to either the practice of magic or something more mundane and have them seen to without judgement. This collective manages to work in relative secrecy, their members discreet and their clients anonymous. As of yet, this collective has seen no sanction from the templars, and there has been no sign that its members are practicing magic of which the Maker would not approve. Given the inherent danger in defying the Chantry (and thus risking being labeled an apostate or, worse, maleficarum), it is no surprise that dealing with the Mages' Collective can be risky (if profitable) business.


Leliana's Song[]

Leliana may interact with the Collective by slaying some of their members and removing their wealth.

Dragon Age: Origins[]

There are several quests available through liaisons located in Denerim, Lake Calenhad, and Redcliffe Village.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

The Collective took it upon themselves to study rifts in the Veil. Your Trainer is sent to Skyhold to teach the Inquisitor the Rift Mage specialization, if they are a magi. If the Inquisitor becomes a rift mage, the collective later approaches the Inquisition for a copy of the results from the study. The note may be sent to the collective or the Inquisition may offer to train several collective members in rift magic directly at Skyhold, rather than letting potentially dangerous magical research circulate openly.


Lake Calenhad Docks[]

Notice of Termination Notice of Termination
Thy Brother's Killer Thy Brother's Killer
Herbal Magic Herbal Magic
Places of Power Places of Power
Careless Accusations Careless Accusations

Redcliffe Village[]

Justice Must Be Served/A Gift of Silence Justice Must Be Served/A Gift of Silence
Careless Accusations Careless Accusations
Herbal Magic Herbal Magic
The Scrolls of Banastor The Scrolls of Banastor

Denerim Market District[]

Blood of Warning Blood of Warning
Have You Seen Me? Have You Seen Me?
The Scrolls of Banastor The Scrolls of Banastor

Other (Denerim)[]

Defending the Collective/Defying the Collective Defending the Collective/Defying the Collective

Locations of Mages Collective Liaisons & Bags[]

Denerim Denerim - in the Market District, behind Wade's Emporium.
Lake Calenhad Docks Lake Calenhad Docks - by The Spoiled Princess tavern.
Redcliffe Village Redcliffe Village - on the dock at the southern end of town.
Note: The Chanter's Board, Blackstone Irregulars Quest Box, and Mages' Collective Bag will not appear until after the Village has been saved.


  • 175 XP for each side quest
  • 1-5 Gold per side quest, with an additional 95 Silver at random chance (indicated by the liaison when he states, "A little something extra. For friendship.")

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: The Mages' Collective Codex entry: The Mages' Collective
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