Mage Item Pack is a downloadable content for Dragon Age II. It is included in All-Class Item Pack or available for purchase separately.

The theme of this pack is Malcom Hawke, featuring his mercenary armor and the outfit he wore when he met Leandra Amell.

The following items are included in the pack:

Malcolm's Honor Malcolm's Honor

The Fugitive's Mantle The Fugitive's Mantle

Malcolm's Bequest Malcolm's Bequest

The Fugitive's Crown The Fugitive's Crown

The Apostate's Mask The Apostate's Mask

The Fugitive's Gauntlets The Fugitive's Gauntlets

Black Silk Gauntlets Black Silk Gauntlets

The Long Trek The Long Trek

Orlesian Silk Boots Orlesian Silk Boots

Ring of the Awakened Ring of the Awakened

A Private Memento A Private Memento

The Inner Eye The Inner Eye

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