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Spirit Healer DA2
Dalish Pariah
Primal DA2
Spirit DA2
Arcane DA2
Creation DA2
Entropy DA2
Starting stats
Base Bonus
Health 100 (+0)
Mana 160 (+60)
Strength 10 (+0)
Dexterity 10 (+0)
Willpower 12 (+2)
Magic 13 (+3)
Cunning 11 (+1)
Constitution 10 (+0)
Starting secondary stats
Base attack
Base defense
Increasing stats
Health per level
Mana per level
Damage per level

The mage is one of three playable classes in Dragon Age II.

Class description Edit

Mages in Dragon Age II deal in raw power, whether sapping, bestowing, or inflicting it. They have incredible tactical potential, a fact underscored by how doggedly they are hunted by the Templars. Versatile and devastating, an apostate mage lives a dangerous life in Kirkwall, but they are more than capable of handling the risk posed by the over-tasked authorities.

Mages can all but destroy an enemy’s ability to fight. Slowing, weakening, disenchanting—once they know a weakness, they can turn the most dangerous opponent into a helpless target.

Alternately, Mages can turn their teammates into an unstoppable force by healing, adding elemental damage to weapons, and seemingly altering time in the party’s favor with Haste. Both Warriors and Rogues can benefit from having a Mage at their backs.

But perhaps the main reason Mages are feared is that they command the battlefield with incredible AOE(area-of-effect) damage. Enemies who are not incapacitated or countered with empowered allies are simply obliterated. All of the classes in Dragon Age II are masters in their own discipline, but it’s Mages who truly leave the earth scorched in their wake.

There is one weakness to the mage. Physically weak, mages will often be forced to "stagger" after each and every physical blow. Keeping your mage away from the enemy will ensure its maximum effectiveness.

Specializations Edit

BloodMage-Icon-DA2 Blood Mage
  • Known as "maleficarum," blood mages are feared not only for the incredible power of their spells, but also their ability to control minds. Templars hunt blood mages relentlessly, yet despite their efforts, Kirkwall sees more instances of blood magic with each passing year. Some whisper that the Order's relentless hunt has driven good intentioned apostates to blood magic in their desperation to survive and keep their freedom.
ForceMageIconDA2 Force Mage
  • Force mages are a fearsome sight on the battlefield, bending the laws of nature to crush, toss, and debilitate their foes. Kirkwall's Circle houses a higher-than-usual percentage of mages who excel at this specialization, and their combined research has refined the school considerably.
Spirit Healer DA2 Spirit Healer
  • Few mages are watched more closely by the templars than spirit healers. For all the good they can do, their consorting with any denizen of the demon-infested Fade is a matter of intense suspicion. Still, the benefits outweigh the risks, if only just.

Spells Edit

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Elemental Elemental
  • The mage masters the elements of fire and ice.
Primal DA2 Primal
  • The mage commands earth and sky.
Spirit DA2 Spirit
  • Spirit magic shakes foes to the core, partially bypassing resistances and effectively countering enemy mages.
Arcane DA2 Arcane
  • Arcane magic taps into the deepest wells of the Fade, protecting the caster and crushing the arcanist's foes.
Creation DA2 Creation
  • Mages schooled in creation are invaluable allies who can heal wounds, strengthen party members, and ward against oncoming foes. Note: None of the spells in this school are considered offensive spells, and thus can be cast even with "Healing Aura" or "Panacea" active.
Entropy DA2 Entropy
  • The mage delves into the chaotic nature of the Fade, twisting the fabric of probability and ensnaring foes with horrifying visions.

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