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Maferath's Monuments is a side quest available from the Merchants' Guild Board in the City of Amaranthine in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. An anonymous Chantry scholar is offering a reward for copies of missing verses from the apocryphal canticle of Maferath, reportedly inscribed on several statues in the Wending Wood.


There are eight statues in various locations in the Wending Wood. Bring the charcoal prints to Kendrick in the City of Amaranthine.

Maferaths Monuments Wending Wood

Location of the monuments. Note: The statue close to the Dalish Camp is not involved in this quest, as denoted by the yellow circle in the centre of the map above. The correct one is located close to the north-east corner, in the darkspawn camp area, on the hill. See here for details.

Bug icon Bug! Only one reward is displayed in the lower left announcements if this quest is completed alongside The Merchant's Goods; however, you will still get both rewards.
Bug icon Bug! It is possible to find all 8 statues but only be able to activate 7 of them.

(Read note about Dalish statue under map if you think your game is bugged. It is possible you missed one of the real 8 statues) (The one at the centre of the map isn't for this quest, please proceed to the Darkspawn Camp at the top right for the final statue)


You are rewarded with 13 Gold and 750 XP.

Ico Appr Heart Anders approves (+1)

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