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Macha is a human living in Kirkwall and the sister of Keran.


Varric's sources say that a woman by the name of Macha has been desperately seeking a particular templar. She's been spotted outside of the Chantry in Hightown during the day.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Macha is involved in the quest Enemies Among Us.

She is very worried about her templar brother, Keran. He used to write to her every day when suddenly the letters stopped arriving. She asks Hawke to speak with the templar recruits in the Gallows to find out what happened to him.

After Hawke rescues Keran from a group of blood mages, Macha reunites with him in the Gallows as Cullen is assessing whether or not he should remain in the order. Hawke can either convince the Knight-Captain to allow Keran to continue his training, albeit on a ten-year probation, or expel him from the order. As a result, Macha fears that she will be unable to pay Hawke for their services, but Knight-Captain Cullen pays in her place.

Either way Macha will send Hawke a letter expressing her thanks in Act 2.

If Keran stays with the templars, Macha expresses concern over what the templars will do to him but recognizes that staying is his choice.

If Keran was expelled from the Templar Order, Macha falls into debt with a Tevinter loan shark named Senestra. Hawke will be asked to deal with Senestra to help the siblings again.


Act 1

Enemies Among Us Enemies Among Us

Act 2

A Debt in the Family A Debt in the Family (conditional)

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