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Lyrium Sand is a plot item in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.



Vigil's Keep - Deep Roads:

  • In the first room on your right when you enter the main Deep Roads portion.

Silverite Mine:

  • When going to fight the Hurlock Dragon-Tamer, the path will split. The one on the left leads to the Dragon Pen where the dragon-tamer is and the one on the right will lead to the Lyrium Sand.


Bombs Away! Bombs Away!


  • xbox360XBOX360ps3PS3 If you turn in two lyrium sands at once to Dworkin Glavonak (such as when you pick up two in Kal'Hirol), the dwarf will only count it as one. Since there are four possible to turn in, it may not be possible to complete Bombs Away! quest, nor earn the achievement "The Enduring Vigil".