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Lyrium Ring is a favored gift for Justice in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Afterwards, it becomes a ring of the same name restricted to Justice.


Found inside an unlocked chest in Kal'Hirol - Main Hall. The chest is located in a small room, with a Wall Carving that gives a codex entry, on the right near two arguing dwarves' ghosts approximately halfway from Slums "X" map marker to Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter entrance marker. While venturing from the main entrance, i.e. with the game plot, it might be tricky to spot the room entrance since it is partially covered by a massive pillar, while the short corridor leading to the room itself is relatively narrow. The ring room is the last one in slums before reentering the Commons hall.


Giving this ring to Justice results in +20 approval (subject to diminishing returns). It may be advisable to wait until after the conversation in which Justice asks for an item made of lyrium, up to 5 additional approval points can be gained this way. The conversation happens when Justice reaches at least 25 approval threshold. It may be noticed by the fact that at the same time he is granted the first level passive plot bonus.


  • 250 XP


  • Justice often mentions that lyrium sings. It can be heard while the short cutscene of presenting him with this gift. It is the delicate, chiming sound in the background.


  • If Justice is given the Lyrium Ring before the battle with the Baroness he may receive +100 approval. Similar to giving Sigrun The Warrior's Heart when she first joins the party.