Colloquially known as the lyrium éperlan[1] or the "mixer"[2], it is a magical device of unknown origin, capable of combining runes.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age II Edit

During the quest Heart of the Many, in order to escape from the prison of Chateau Haine, Hawke is forced to solve the puzzles involving the "mixers". The mixers in Duke Prosper de Montfort's dungeons are connected to separate devices called "apparatuses", which contain rune keys; each apparatus assigns a rune key to a person, which then can be transferred onto the mixer. Once two rune keys are transferred, the mixer will combine them into one.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

The device found here is referred to as a lyrium éperlan. It was purchased by the Villa's owner, Lord Maurel. During the quest Safe Keeping, the Inquisitor is required to find three pieces of a rune key in order to access Villa Maurel's vault. Once the three pieces are found and inserted into the device, a mage is required to activate it in order to put them together.

Trivia Edit

In French, an "éperlan" translates to "smelt"; it is a type of fish, not the act of smelting.

References Edit

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