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“Lusacan, the Dragon of Night, calls to you. He lives where it is darkest and waits for the day he will rise. Drink of his blood and know the power in darkness: either fear the Night or wield it.[1]

Lusacan, the Dragon of Night, is one of seven Old Gods, ancient draconic beings said to be imprisoned underground by the Maker for usurping His worshippers.


The darkspawn search the deep in hopes of unearthing Lusacan from the Maker's slumber. The darkspawn yearn to awaken and corrupt Lusacan to start a new age of darkness. Following the defeat of Urthemiel in the Fifth Blight, he or Razikale appear to be the next Old God in line to be transformed into an Archdemon commencing the Sixth Blight.

Lusacan is known as the Tevinter Dragon of Night and worshiped by some in the Tevinter Imperium. The ancient Tevinters associated Lusacan with the constellation Tenebrium, called "Shadow" in the common parlance. However, as Tenebrium is traditionally depicted as an owl rather than a dragon, some scholars have speculated that Tenebrium originally represented the elven god Falon'Din.[2]

Lusacan, like his siblings, is an enormous draconic figure with immense power and is waiting for his resurgence by being corrupted from the darkspawn. Lusacan is expected to either be the sixth or final Archdemon and like the other Old Gods, Lusacan endorsed the ancient Tevinter Magisters' attempt to reach the Golden City and spoke to the High Priest of Lusacan, who used the alias "The Watchman of Night," and told them to join in the endeavor.[3]


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The following information is only mentioned in Dragon Age Tabletop. Certain portions of this media may no longer reflect currently established lore.

Despite the rise of the Chantry, worship of Lusacan has continued, even into the modern Dragon Age. The most recent notable group was a cult known as The Last Moon which abducted and ritualistically murdered multiple individuals during the Grand Tourney of the Free Marches in the early Dragon Age, before attempting to destroy the tourney grounds during the finale of the grand melee.[4]

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