Lurkers are predatory creatures found roaming though the Hissing Wastes of western Orlais, and in the Frostback Basin.

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Lurkers are omnivorous creatures, capable of surviving on root vegetables and carrion, but have a preference for live prey. Despite this omnivorous diet, lurkers eat only occasionally, and hibernate when not hunting. They are extremely quiet (hence the name "lurker") and tend to hunt in packs. They spit some kind of poison that paralyzes their target, making it easier for them to take down prey.[1]

For ages, their method of spotting their victims has been a mystery, as they seem to track by sight, despite a lack of eyes. Within the last decade, naturalists have proposed the translucent lump on the creature's head is in fact a tough membrane that can detect vibrations or temperature changes in the environment.[2]

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Hissing Wastes icon (Inquisition) Hissing Wastes
Frostback Basin Icon Frostback Basin

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Creature research icon Lurker Claw
Lurker Scales icon Lurker Scales

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