Lunge and Slash is a warrior ability from the Weapon and Shield tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Damage: 175% weapon damage
  • Cooldown time: 8 seconds
  • Cost: 35 stamina

Upgrades Edit

Lunge and Slash Great Lunge
Range: 4 meters
Requires: Lunge and Slash
The farther you lunge before striking your target, the more damage you do to them.

Damage bonus: 75% at 5 meters
Damage bonus: 250% at 10 meters
Lunge and Slash Effortless Lunge
Requires: Trespasser
If Lunge and Slash strikes an enemy that was not attacking you, the ability refunds the cost and cooldown.

Notes Edit

Bugs Edit

pcIcon pc Using the Effortless Lunge upgrade added with the Trespasser DLC may cause the game to crash. If the game continually crashes during combat, try using Great Lunge instead.

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