I am Lukesh. Fear me!

Lukesh is the advisor of the Viscount of Kaiten in Dragon Age Legends. He was part of the band of heroes that aided Ravi in preventing an abomination from destroying the Free Marches city of Kaiten. He is later entrusted with caring for the Viscount's son, Eiton.

Lukesh concept art

Concept art

Years later he joins the Legends Hero on his journey as a companion after the Hero rescues him and Eiton from an assault by demons under the command of a witch named Soliel.

Starting abilities Edit

Note: For a level 15 character

Starting statistics Edit

  • Attack: 28
  • Defense: 13
  • Stamina: 13
  • Agility: 24
  • Luck: 10
Note: For a level 15 character
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