Lucjan is a dwarf warrior and twin to Myaja. He is fighting in Orzammar Proving for Prince Bhelen Aeducan along with his sister, together as one.


Lucjan will fight alongside Myaja against the Warden in the Proving if the Warden sides for Harrowmont.


When the Warden wins Myaja and him, after the battle they will both admit they learnt a lot from fighting against the Grey Warden. If the Warden gives the throne to Harrowmont at the very end of A Paragon of Her Kind, they will attack the Warden, should he/she go back to the Proving area.


  • Myaja: "May the Stone honor you..."
  • Lucjan: "...when you fall."
  • Myaja: "We were born together. We fight together. We'll die together."
  • Lucjan: "The ancestors gave us one soul, but two bodies. Everything we do, we do together."
  • The Warden: "Everything? You mean even...?"
  • Lucjan: "That's a little personal, don't you think?"
  • Myaja: "Unless you want to find out?"
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