Death is my calling.

Lucanis Dellamorte is a Master Assassin in the Antivan Crows.

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Lucanis is the grandson of Caterina Dellamorte, First Talon of the Antivan Crows. When she trained him as a child, she would frequently hit him with her cane when he made mistakes. He hated her for years for being cruel, though now thinks it was her way to make sure he survived life as a Crow. Although Lucanis is not interested in becoming First Talon, he is said to be Caterina’s favorite, and the one she intends to name as her heir.

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Dragon Age: Tevinter NightsEdit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

The Wigmaker Job
Lucanis and his cousin Illario accept an anonymous contract on Ambrose Forfex, Tevinter's premiere wigmaker and a Venatori blood mage. With the help of Athima, an elf sent by their mysterious patron, Lucanis and Illario reach Forfex’s party through the roofs and floating aqueduct of Vyrantium. At the wig show, whose dead-eyed models sport fantastical, transforming hair, Lucanis can feel that the Veil is thinner than it should be.

After Illario steals the keys, Lucanis heads for Forfex’s workshop, single-handedly killing its eight guards. Illario returns as the last guard falls. They are caught by one of Forfex elven slaves, Effe. Noticing her pitiful state, Lucanis tells her to leave and forget their faces. She expresses approval when he tells her that they’re here to kill Forfex. Inside the workshop, Lucanis finds multiple rows of legless slaves chained to the ceiling, their skin spotted with crystalized sores. Forfex is further in, feeding his slaves red lyrium. Despite the risk, Lucanis decides to make Forfex pay instead of simply fulfilling his contract.

He realizes that Forfex is keeping demons at bay by strengthening the Veil with an elven artifact. When he destroys it, chaos erupts at the party, which Forfex goes to investigate. He doesn't sound the alarm, as Effe and the other slaves have hidden the guards' corpses. Lucanis tells Illario to get the slaves out of the mansion while he deals with Forfex.

Demons have possessed the models, as well as some of the drunkest and most frightened guests. The wigs have transformed, gaining a serrated edge and moving of their own volition. When blood magic isn't enough to stop Lucanis, Forfex starts ingesting mouthfuls of red-lyrium infused hair and turns into an arachnid-like abomination. Lucanis takes some injuries, but eventually defeats the abomination. Without Forfex as an anchor, the other abominations disintegrate. After Forfex's party, he finds his cousin at an inn, and they depart for home.

As approximately forty guests were killed in addition to Forfex, the Wigmaker Job is too big to be hushed up, and Lucanis is nicknamed 'the Demon'. Magister Zara Renata, one of Forfex's Venatori associates, resolves to lay low and observe Lucanis to discover and exploit his weaknesses.

Trivia Edit

When something taps into the Fade, Lucanis feels an itch in the back of his eyeballs.

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