Lowtown is one of the main districts in Kirkwall. Lowtown serves primarily as housing for the city's less wealthy residents as well as the city's industrial center. In spite of this it remains a source of major commerce with markets lining the streets of Lowtown peddling their wares to all who pass.


Lowtown sits in a massive cauldron-shaped pit that was once Kirkwall's first quarry. The district was constructed by slaves who carved the city and its harbor out of the rock.

Today, Lowtown is a labyrinth of shantytowns, corridors, and hexagonal courtyards—"hexes" in the local parlance. Lowtown's poorest live in caves hewn out of the cliff face. The district is shoddily built and bears scars caused by collapsing walls. Foundry smoke smothers the area. Only a cold winter storm clears the air, but the icy wind howling over the mouths of old mineshafts hardly counts as relief.

Occasionally, these Darktown shafts erupt with gouts of foul air known as chokedamp. It's not uncommon to find whole slums silently suffocated, frozen in the midst of everyday activity.

The walls surrounding Lowtown are highest by the harbor. Its busiest street leads up to Hightown, where the wealthiest Kirkwallers perch. When one stands in Lowtown, all one sees other than the rocky walls is Hightown. It glitters overhead, always in sight, yet always beyond reach.

—From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi
—From Codex entry: Kirkwall - Lowtown


Lowtown Map

Map of the area


Gamlen's House Hawke Estate icon Gamlen's House
Hanged Man Icon The Hanged Man
Lowtown icon Kirkwall Alienage
Merrill's Home Icon Merrill's Home
Lowtown icon Lirene's Fereldan Imports
Lowtown icon Dark Foundry


Act 1Edit

Quest icon DA2 Shepherding Wolves
Quest icon DA2 Wayward Son
Quest icon DA2 Friends in Low Places
Quest icon DA2 Loose Ends
Quest icon DA2 The Conspirators
Quest icon DA2 Miracle Makers
Quest icon DA2 Get Back to Work
Quest icon DA2 The First Sacrifice
Quest icon DA2 Grimoire of the Apprentice
Quest icon DA2 Sharp Little Pinpricks
Quest icon DA2 Shawl of Dalesdottir
Quest icon DA2 Bottled Scar 5:34 Exalted
Quest icon DA2 The Paragon's Toe
Quest icon DA2 Secret Rendezvous
Quest icon DA2 Dark Epiphany
Quest icon DA2 The Way It Should Be

Act 2Edit

Quest icon DA2 To Catch a Thief
Quest icon DA2 Blackpowder Courtesy
Quest icon DA2 The Tethras Signet Ring
Quest icon DA2 Hometown Breed
Quest icon DA2 Ream-Rot Knife
Quest icon DA2 "South-Song" Gerralt's Corpse
Quest icon DA2 Goosegirl Cameo
Quest icon DA2 The Fixer
Quest icon DA2 Pick Up Pickaxes
Quest icon DA2 Sketchy on the Details
Quest icon DA2 The Book of Shartan

Act 3Edit

Quest icon DA2 On the Loose
Quest icon DA2 The Last Straw
Quest icon DA2 Kind of Want
Quest icon DA2 The Lost Swords
Quest icon DA2 Favor and Fault

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Here are the resources in this area for the Supplier achievement:

Act 1 Edit

Spindleweed Spindleweed - daytime, in the side-street between the two eastern exits.

Act 2 Edit

Spindleweed Spindleweed – daytime, in the dead end behind the armor merchant.
Formula Recipe: Rock Armor Potion – nighttime, in a pile of Rubble next to the entrance to Gamlen's House.

Act 3 Edit

Spindleweed Spindleweed - daytime, next to the stairs in the Foundry District.

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