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For the random encounter, see The Low Road.

Low Road is a scripted encounter in Dragon Age: Origins.


This encounter is a step in Wynne's personal quest line (see Wynne's Regret), and the means for her to unlock the Vessel of the Spirit ability. The encounter takes place only after the Hillside Path encounter (at the end of which Wynne faints), and the ensuing Party Camp conversation where she explains to the Warden how she's living on borrowed time.


The encounter begins with the party ambushed by a group of hurlocks, including a hurlock omega. He casts a powerful spell on the companions, and they are all badly hurt. Wynne, however, finds new resources to protect and heal her companions, giving the party a fighting chance.

There are 4 groups of hurlocks in the area. Two of them await behind a barricade, so you can face two groups at a time. Once all enemies are defeated, Wynne will initiate a conversation with the Warden, explaining how she reached for her companion spirit and found her new ability. She also points out that it is quite draining and should be used sparingly.


Map-Low Road

Map of the Area



Deathroot Deathroot
Elfroot Elfroot


Special objects[]

  • Barricade - can be destroyed.