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Lothering is a village north of Ostagar, located on The West Road. Historically, Lothering was little more than a trading post serving the fortress of Ostagar to the south. In present times, however, it supplies goods to Redcliffe Village and the community of merchants and surface dwarves outside of Orzammar. It has recently become the home of many refugees escaping the darkspawn horde approaching from the Korcari Wilds. Either as a result of the current turmoil or religious duty, Lothering has a modest presence of the Chantry and their Templars.


After completing one of the main quest lines, Broken Circle, Arl of Redcliffe, Paragon of Her Kind, or Nature of the Beast, you will not be able to return because the town is destroyed at that point. For this reason, it is ill-advised to simply ignore the people and quests within, as they will not be completable at a later date.

Completing the The Urn of Sacred Ashes quest will also lead to the destruction of the town even if none of the four main quest lines have been finished. However, it is possible to complete the The Village of Haven and Ruined Temple segments of the Sacred Ashes quest (including slaying the High Dragon) without triggering the destruction of the town - just don't enter or complete The Gauntlet subsection which is the actual trigger event.

An important thing to note in this regard is that if you do not speak to Patter Gritch in the chantry as part of the Blackstone Irregulars Quest Scraping the Barrel, you will be unable to complete this quest should Lothering be destroyed prior to you speaking to this character, or not contacting the Blackstone Irregulars until after you have left Lothering and it has been destroyed. This means that, ultimately, the last quest for the Blackstone Irregulars will be unattainable as this is only given once you have completed all other Blackstone Irregulars quests.

Right in front of the chantry, you will find a raving-mad Chasind (properly tagged as a Doomsayer). When the villagers mention that he's right, if you agree and tell them there is no hope (first option) you have a chance to bilk them out of 50 silver... no negative approval. There are 3 Templars which give 3 silvers 37 copper when stolen from.


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Main quests

Ico Quest Lothering and the Imperial Highway

Side quests

Ico Quest Bandits on the Road
Ico Quest A Fallen Templar
Ico Quest A Poisonous Proposition
Ico Quest The Qunari Prisoner
Ico Quest Traps are a Girl's Best Friend
Ico Quest More Than Just Plants

Chanter's Board

Ico Quest Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere
Ico Quest When Bears Attack
Ico Quest A Last Keepsake

Blackstone Irregulars

Ico Quest Dereliction of Duty
Ico Quest Scraping the Barrel, must be started prior to the destruction of Lothering.


  • A den of 6 Giant Spiders along the eastern border near the water in the open area north of the village. Each spider yields a Toxin Extract when killed.
  • A group of 8 Refugees attacks you once you approach them, just outside the Northern gate of Lothering, to the West of the windmill.
  • Three groups of bandits for the Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere quest


Notable items. See Barlin and Merchant (Lothering) for merchants' Item Lists.

Ico boots med Ancient Elven Boots, source: locked Cabinet *bugged on PC version
Tre ico holy symbol 1 Bronze Symbol of Andraste, source: locked Chest
Codex Entry: Maleficarum Regrets, source dead Blood Mage
Tre ico fancy bottle 5 Golden Scythe 4:90 Black, source: Crate
Ico crossbow Imperium Crossbow, source: Stealing
Plt ico knights locket Knight's Locket, Quest Item, source: Dead Templar
Plt ico knights note Knight's Note, Quest Item, source: Dead Templar
Ico longsword Oathkeeper, source: Quest Reward
Ico helm light Qunari Thickened Cap, source: Drop Bandit Leader
Ico ring Sarha's Keepsake, Quest Item, source: Body of the Mother
Tre ico statuette 3 Small Carved Statuette, source: Crate


  • David Gaider named Lothering. He'd watched 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' the night before and used that as the basis of the name. For a time, the plot of Lothering was called 'Fear and Loathing in Ferelden.' [1]
  • Lothering is the base of the band of Templars featured in the Penny Arcade Dragon Age comic.


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