Lothering is a village in Ferelden just off the Imperial Highway, at the edge of the Hinterlands, north of Ostagar and south of the Bannorn. It is part of the Arling of South Reach.

Background Edit

In ancient times, Lothering was little more than a trading post that served the fortress of Ostagar to the south. Nowadays, it is larger, serving Redcliffe and the community of merchants and surface dwarves near Orzammar. Its location on the North Road gives it strategic value, so control of Lothering has historically been a matter of contention between the Southern Bannorn and the South Reach Arling. King Calenhad himself stepped in and awarded the town to South Reach in the Exalted Age, which has largely ended the feud, or at least the appearance of it. --From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of A Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi
—From Codex entry: Lothering

Historically, Lothering arose on a crossroads of the Imperial Highway, being a little more than a trading post serving the fortress of Ostagar to the south. In time, the settlers became self-sufficient through mills and farmland.[2] Lothering was also the site of the battle during the second Orlesian invasion of Ferelden in which King Vanedrin Theirin, Teyrn Ardal Cousland and many others were slain.

Places Edit

Ico Area Map Lothering chantry

Ico Area Map Dane's Refuge

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne Edit

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Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

During the Fereldan Rebellion, a large number of troops loyal to the Orlesian Usurper King, Meghren, assembled in Lothering for the purpose of finding Prince Maric Theirin after the assassination of his mother, Queen Moira Theirin in 8:96 Blessed.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

During the events of the Fifth Blight, following the defeat of the King at Ostagar, Lothering received a large number of refugees fleeing from the south. The villagers are also preparing to evacuate Lothering since they were abandoned by their Arl, Leonas Bryland. For that reason, the town's Elder, templars and Chantry clerics are trying to maintain order, and help as many as they can while preparing to evacuate the village.

After a main quest is being completed, Lothering will be overrun by the darkspawn horde and become inaccessible for the Warden to travel there.

Witch Hunt Edit

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Witch Hunt.

By 9:32 Dragon, Elder Miriam and the village council started rebuilding Lothering slowly. A new Chantry was constructed, with a shrine outside dedicated to the Hero of Ferelden, along with the others who gave their lives defending Ferelden.

Dragon Age II Edit

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Dragon Age II.

Hawke, Carver Hawke, Bethany Hawke and Leandra are all forced to flee Lothering when the horde was approaching the village.

Through a letter sent by Miriam in the year 9:34 (in Act 2), Leandra and Hawke are informed that the rebuilding of Lothering has been a failure and that the town is gone for good, as the Blight poisoned the land. She also notes that it'll take decades for the land to get better, and that even then it might never recover.

Quests Edit


Map of the area

Main quests Edit

Ico Quest Lothering and the Imperial Highway

Side quests Edit

Ico Quest Bandits on the Road
Ico Quest A Fallen Templar
Ico Quest More Than Just Plants
Ico Quest The Qunari Prisoner
Ico Quest The Unscrupulous Merchant
Ico Quest Traps are a Girl's Best Friend
Ico Quest A Poisonous Proposition

Chanter's Board Edit

Ico Quest A Last Keepsake
Ico Quest Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere
Ico Quest When Bears Attack

The Blackstone Irregulars Edit

Ico Quest Scraping the Barrel
Ico Quest Dereliction of Duty

Characters Edit


Lothering shown compared to Denerim.

Lothering buildings

Houses in Lothering

Enemies Edit

Entering the town


North exit

Notable items Edit

See Barlin and Merchant for merchants' item lists.

Ico armor heavy Heavy Chainmail armor set, found on body of armored bandit leader.
Ico crossbow Imperium Crossbow, may be stolen from the unscrupulous merchant near the Chantry.
Plt ico knights locket Knight's Locket, quest item, found on dead Templar's body.
Plt ico knights note Knight's Note, quest item, found on dead Templar's body.
Ico longsword Oathkeeper, quest reward.
Ico helm light Qunari Thickened Cap, found on body of armored bandit leader.
Ico ring Sarha's Keepsake, quest item, found on body of his mother.
Ico ring Surveyor , obtained by demanding the highwaymen return stolen goods.
Notable gifts for companions:
Tre ico fancy bottle 5 Golden Scythe 4:90 Black, crate inside the village. Approves (+10) to Oghren.
Tre ico statuette 3 Small Carved Statuette, crate in the far north of Lothering where the party encounters darkspawn attacking Bodahn Feddic. Approves (+10) to Alistair.
Ico cheap wine Wine, sold by the unscrupulous merchant. Approves (+10) to Wynne.

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Lothering
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Chasind
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Sten
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The First Blight: Chapter 1
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Adventures of the Black Fox
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Sacred Ashes of Andraste
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Imperial Chantry
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Maleficarum Regrets
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Leliana
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Bear
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Letter from the Blackstone Irregulars
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Blackstone Letter of Conscription
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Bann Teagan Guerrin
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Anora
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Arl Eamon Guerrin
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Thorn of the Dead Gods
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Mabari Dominance

Lothering chantry exterior

The Chantry in Lothering

Containers Edit

Near highway bandits

Southern refugee camp

South of creek

North of creek

North bandit camp

Highway north exit

Companion remarks Edit

Lothering refugee camp

The refugee camp

One of your companions (mainly Alistair and Morrigan) may make interesting remarks at certain spots in the town:

  • Entering Lothering proper
    • Alistair "It's just a guess but I'm thinking everyone in Lothering is aware of the approaching darkspawn horde."
    • Morrigan "Ah, look how they moan and wail and gnash their teeth. 'Tis sad to watch how helplessly they scurry about."
  • Near the Chanters' Board
    • Alistair "The Chanters are still operating their board? Now that's dedication."
    • Morrigan "Ah, the Chantry board. Yes, let us run errands for the betterment of mankind as well as a few coppers."
  • At the statue of Andraste in the Chantry
    • Alistair "You ever wonder if that's an accurate likeness of Andraste? Maybe She was ugly. Maybe She had buck teeth. How would we know?"
    • Morrigan "Fools. Praying for help from a prophet they burned and a god who has turned His back on them not once but twice."
  • Exiting Lothering proper into the fields
    • Alistair "You know, this place will be overrun by the darkspawn soon. If we go, we won't be able to come back."
    • Morrigan "Are we done with this place? It may not be here later, should we leave now."

Banter Edit

Party banter may be triggered at the following spots:

  • In the south refugee camp
  • On the bridge over the creek
  • Near the well in the north half of the town

Notes Edit

  • Failing to speak to Patter Gritch who is inside Lothering's chantry as part of Scraping the Barrel, you will be unable to complete this quest should Lothering be destroyed prior to you speaking to this character. Consequently, the final quest for the Blackstone Irregulars will be unobtainable, as it is only given once all other Irregulars quests are completed
  • Right in front of the chantry is a traumatized, raving Chasind man (properly tagged as a Doomsayer). If a bystander concludes that he's right about them all being doomed, and if the Warden intimidates them that there is "no hope for any of you fools!", you can choose to gain 45DAO silverpiece trans, with no negative approval regardless of who is present.
  • If you decline Leliana's request to join the party at Dane's Refuge, she will appear again near the northern map exit and ask if you have reconsidered her offer.

Trivia Edit

  • David Gaider named Lothering. He'd watched 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' the night before and used that as the basis of the name. For a time, the plot of Lothering was called 'Fear and Loathing in Ferelden.'[3]
  • Lothering is the base of the band of templars featured in the Penny Arcade comic.
  • An elven mage can tell Eadric that he or she is from Lothering.

Bugs Edit

  • All bugs listed in this section can be solved for pcIcon pcusers by downloading and installing this mod.
  • When first entering Lothering, if you intimidate the bandits as a mage, and then "practice your spells (attack)", one of the bandits runs away in terror. If you then kill the rest, the quest can sometimes become uncompletable because that last bandit can't be killed.
  • If you intimidate the bandits into letting you go, then talk to them again and intimidate them into leaving town, the quest closes with an erroneous entry indicating you fought them and they surrendered before they left. If you bribe them into letting you go, then talk to them again and intimidate them into leaving town, you receive no experience reward, journal entry or quest closure at all.
  • A bug allows you to tell the robbed family you killed the bandits even if you just ran them out of town.
  • The Helpful Refugee outside of the tavern always asks you if you're the one who cleared out the bandits, even if the bandits are still there.
  • Clicking on female refugees can elicit up to 10-12 different responses, while male refugees only say 3-4. The remaining 8 or so male responses exist but cannot be heard due to a bug in the dialogue file.
  • Due to some bugged scripting, you only get the option to give the Robbed Elves some silver if you have more than 10 gold, and even if you do, the silver is not actually deducted.
  • The Unscrupulous Merchant does not give a discount when you help him despite his dialogue.
  • The quest "Traps Are A Girl's Best Friend" resets to the beginning each time it is completed.
  • Several intended interjections involving Leliana when speaking to Sten, the Revered Mother and Ser Bryant are bugged and do not appear. This includes Leliana's very forceful objection to intimidating the Revered Mother, and Ser Bryant recognizing and greeting Leliana.
  • As an exploit, you can get infinite approval with Morrigan by repeatedly failing to intimidate the Revered Mother.
  • You can admit to Sten that you stole the key from the Revered Mother, even though it's not actually possible to do so (at least in later versions of the game).
  • Ser Bryant will not remember meeting you until you talk to him without Sten in the party.
  • Alistair was intended to introduce you to Ser Donall if he is with you when first meeting him, but due to a bug, this introduction does not occur.
  • Two examinable books in the Lothering Chantry do not give the customary 50 xp reward for their codex entries.
  • In the encounter with Loghain's men in Dane's Refuge, if you have anyone in your party with you, you can only ask "Why do you think we're traitors?" if you already know the answer. If you are alone, it works correctly.
  • Two minor characters in Dane's Refuge with ambient dialogue will randomly fail to respond when you click on them.
  • Your followers try to warn you that you should do everything you can in Lothering before you leave due to expected future events. This warning, however, is almost always immediately interrupted by Sten's chant from his cage, as the triggers for them are only a step or two apart. You can only hear the warning if you walk past Sten's cage and the Chasind extremely slowly, one step at a time, to trigger it and allow it to finish before moving forward and triggering Sten's chant.
  • If you leave Lothering and return, Bodahn's wagon will still be there even after Bodahn himself has left.

References Edit

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