Lost to the Memories is a side quest located in Orzammar's Shaperate.


Orta wants to prove that she is of noble blood. Help her find the necessary documents.


To trigger the quest, approach Orta in the Shaperate and ask her what she's doing. She will explain how she believes her family is actually nobility, and is trying to find the proof so that she may jump a caste. She will ask you to enter the Deep Roads and find the missing documents.

In order to complete the quest, you must progress far enough in A Paragon of Her Kind for the Deep Roads to have been unlocked. The documents themselves are found in Ortan Thaig, in the large cavernous area with the two bridges (where you will meet Ruck). Retrieve the documents and return them to Orta. She will ask you to meet her at the Assembly. Do so and collect your reward (or return later as stated below for a larger reward).


  • 5 DAO goldpiece trans (Despite Orta claiming to not have much)
  • 10 DAO goldpiece trans If you choose no reward options when initially talking to Orta in the Assembly and then later return to Orzammar.
  • 15 DAO goldpiece trans You will get 5DAO goldpiece transif you pick the dialogue "any spare cash would help" when initially talking to Orta in the Assembly, then leave Orzammar and come back for another 10DAO goldpiece trans.
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