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Lost to the Curse is a side quest that begins in the Dalish Camp.

Athras's wife, Danyla, was infected by the werewolf disease. Zathrian says she is dead but will not allow Athras to see her body. Athras believes that she is still alive, but has become a werewolf. He hopes you find her when you venture out into the forest.


You can complete this quest even if your Coercion score is not high enough to receive it from Athras in the first place. Take the North Exit to East Brecilian Forest from West Brecilian Forest. You'll find some passive Halla and a pack of werewolves. Beyond them you'll encounter Danyla. If you speak to her and agree to kill her Ico Appr Heart Wynne approves (+1). If you refuse she'll attack you, forcing you to kill her the hard way. Talking too long will also force combat. Take her scarf back to Athras for a reward.

You can also use her scarf to trade with the Mad Hermit if you wish. As long as you obtain the scarf, it doesn't seem to matter if you provide it to Athras as proof or not, he'll believe you without any coercion checks as long as you find her.

Ignoring Danyla and completing Nature of the Beast will make her go missing, you can still complete the quest by talking to Athras but you will get no reward unless you lie about her death.

The reward can still be obtained from Athras by lying to him about finding his wife. If your Coercion skill is high enough, you can convince him that Danyla is dead even without the scarf as proof.

Athras's Pendant can be used to trade with the Hermit as well.

{{Bug|a bug has been reported where, if Leliana is not in the group and Athras was told that his wife was a werewolf and also told that she sends her love, you will receive neither the amulet nor the experience reward for the quest, although it will still register as completed. If Leliana is in your group and you told Athras the same thing, Ico Appr Heart Leliana approves (+2).

If Morrigan is in the group and you anyway mention to Athras that his wife "sends you her love", Ico DisAppr Heart Morrigan disapproves (-3). At the same time, Ico Appr Heart Leliana approves (+2) if she is in the party and the above option is selected.

If the warden chooses "It was too horrible..." and "No, this has been too fun." Ico Appr Heart Morrigan approves (+2) while Dispproves Alistair, Leliana, Wynne and Zevran (-5) (who makes a comment) will disapprove. Oghren and Sten do not change. Shale - untested.


Ico amulet Athras's Pendant, offered as a reward at the start of the quest
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