Lost in the Mist is a rogue ability upgrade from the Sabotage tree in the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Mechanics Edit

  • A party member inside the Toxic Cloud's area of effect gains a decoy every few seconds, stacking to a maximum of three. The current number is displayed with the symbol Ico Duelist Avenger at the bottom of the screen, right above the quick and focus bars, and by being wrapped in some purple mist as part of the Cloud while images of the decoys flicker around the character.
  • A successful attack on the character will remove one of the stacked decoys before their health is injured[1]. Contrary to the reference a hit may additionally cost guard or barrier.
  • The stack is unaffected by travels or resting.
  • The visual effects are accompanied by a constant buzzing that dims other audio effects like footsteps or the character's utterances.
    • These effects aren't seen or heard during cutscenes.

References Edit

  1. Documentation for Combat Mechanics – Rogue Abilities
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