The Lost Temple of Dirthamen is an ancient temple dedicated to the Elven god Dirthamen. It is located in northeastern Orlais, off the northern coast of the Waking Sea.

Background Edit

The temple is dedicated to Dirthamen, God of Secrets. Once a place of worship, it has been neglected for ages, until it became a crumbling, flooded ruin.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The temple had long been believed lost, until Cillian, an elven mage associated with the Inquisition researched a series of elven glyphs that the Inquisitor found in the Exalted plains. Research suggests that a group of treasure hunters had also located the temple several years ago, though they haven't been heard from since they left to investigate the temple.

In fact, a group of explorers were hired by a man named Lord Gretien to find an artifact for him called Dirthamen's Wisdom. Once there, however, the explorers became haunted by unknown malevolent spirits who drove the men to insanity, and eventually, they turned their weapons upon each other.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI God of Secrets
Quest icon DAI Runes in the Lost Temple

Collections Edit

Mosaics Edit

Mosaic Pieces icon Freed Are Slaves - 2/12 pieces:

  • From "Chamber of Whispers" (upper left corner in the map), turn East and then North. The Mosaic piece is located at the end of the tunnel, past a magical barrier..
  • Inside "The Chamber of Oracle", right-hand side from the door. Only accessible once defeating The Highest One.

Crafting Materials Edit

Herbs Edit

Deep Mushroom icon Deep Mushroom
Embrium icon Embrium
Ghouls Beard icon Ghoul's Beard
Rashvine icon Rashvine
Rashvine Nettle icon Rashvine Nettle

Metals Edit

Paragons Luster icon Paragon's Luster

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Elven artifacts Edit

  • In the "Chamber of Unheeding", between two waterfalls.

Loot Edit

Dirthamens Wisdom icon Dirthamen's Wisdom - Found inside "The Chamber of Oracle", after defeating The Highest One during the quest God of Secrets.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The Lost Temple of Dirthamen

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Hard in Hightown: Chapter Seven

Other texts Edit

Text ico Explorers in the Temple

Notes Edit

  • The temple is unlocked in Dragon Age: Inquisition by completing the war table operation, Runes in the Lost Temple
  • This is one of the few places in the game where a Warrior bash is required to complete a quest. The last veilfire rune is in a room only accessible this way. If one doesn't have a warrior in the party and chooses to leave and come back with one, note that Red Templars, Arcane horrors and Corpses will respawn.
  • Though not required to complete the quest, a Rogue is needed to access some loot stashes.

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