Lost Templar is a side quest obtained in Denerim during the Landsmeet.

Walkthrough Edit

After defeating Arl Howe during Rescue the Queen, the Warden can access the northern part of his dungeon. Irminric, a Templar in a state of lyrium withdrawal, can be found in one of the cells. The Warden learns that Irminric was one of the templars sent after Jowan to hunt him down, as per the Magi Origin story. He tells the Warden that he cornered Jowan near Redcliffe, but Teyrn Loghain's men took Jowan from him and brought Irminric himself to the dungeon. He begs the Warden to give his ring to his sister, Bann Alfstanna, in the Gnawed Noble Tavern in Denerim.

Result Edit

Giving Alfstanna the ring will win her family's support in the coming Landsmeet. You also receive experience, gold, and the magical amulet Spirit Ward. Taunting Alfstanna will cost you her vote at the Landsmeet.

  • 2 DAO goldpiece trans
  • 250 XP
  • Ico amulet Spirit Ward

Notes Edit

  • If the Warden speaks to Irminric and learns his name, the templars on duty outside the chantry in the Denerim Market District can be asked about him. The templars believe Irminric to have died fighting maleficarum over a month earlier, and will assume the Warden is irrational with grief if they insist that Irminric is still alive.
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