Lore Requisition on the Plains is a repeatable side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Gathering information on Orlesian culture would help Inquisition diplomats not from Orlais better understand the nation's quirks and traditions.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to a requisition officer at one of the Inquisition camps in Exalted Plains.

Walkthrough Edit

Collect the following items:

Skyhold-Customization-icon Ancient Writings (3)
Item-Unknown Orlesian Tome (5)

Return to any requisition table and craft the item "Orlesian Culture".

The items for this quest are looted from Freemen throughout the Exalted Plains. Freemen can re-spawn at the Shrine to Solarise in the south area of the map or the Ancient Baths in the southwest. You can trigger a respawn by fast traveling to the nearby Dalish encampment, then running/riding back to the Shrine/Ancient Baths.

Rewards Edit

  • Influence
  • 1 Power

Bugs Edit

  • (All Platforms) Due to a bug the quest cannot be completed. The items are consumed and the quest restarts automatically, preventing them from obtaining other requisition quests in that area. For pcIcon pcusers there is an unofficial mod which fixes the issue here or here.
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