Lord Harimann is the patriarch of the Harimann family of Kirkwall.

Background Edit

Lord Harimann is the noble who convinced the Viscount of Kirkwall to send aid to Denerim during the Fifth Blight. For that reason, many nobles in the Free Marches resent him.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

While tiding up some Loose Ends given to Hawke by Meeran, the leader of the Red Iron mercenary company, Hawke's mission is to kill Lord Harimann and to rescue one of Meeran's men, Gustav.

During the conversation between Hawke and Harimann when they first meet, Hawke has the choice to kill the lord or to listen to him. If he chooses so, he learns that Harimann was the chief proponent behind sending help to Ferelden during the Blight. Hawke can then decide a course of action and report to Meeran after complying or disobeying.

If Harimann was spared, Hawke can convince Meeran that Harimann escaped, in which case Meeran will swear to kill him personally. Alternatively, Hawke can come clean, in which case Meeran will swear to kill Harimann himself, but also ambush Hawke at night in Lowtown.

Lord Harimann died at some point prior to 9:34 Dragon, either because of Hawke or under unknown circumstances and leadership of the family passed to his daughter, Lady Johane Harimann.

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