Loilinar Ivo is a dwarven noble and member of House Ivo.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

After the Warden has spoken to either Dulin Forender or Vartag Gavorn and given a task, Loilinar Ivo appears arguing with Oghren in the Diamond Quarter, near the entrance to the Commons. Oghren tries to remind the nobles that it's been two years since their Paragon left, however Loilinar quickly reminds him of his status.

When Oghren leaves, Loilinar can be conversed with about more information regarding Oghren and his past as well as the Paragon Branka and her quest.

Once a new king is crowned, Loilinar is unsure whether he will be useful in the upcoming expedition to the surface to battle the Darkspawn, due to lingering injuries.

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