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Loghain's Push is a quest received from the Chanter's Board in Denerim. Through the magic of coincidence, some of Loghain's troop movements have been made public. Using this information, go "investigate" the status of Loghain's troops.


After the quest has been accepted, a new location named Civil War will be added to the World map. Upon arriving, you will discover that a group of Loghain's troops are attempting to seize Bann Telmen's land. With the help of the Bann's men, you can fight and defeat them.

Return to any Chantry representative for the reward.


  • 2Gold
  • 175 XP
Bug icon Bug! Turning in multiple quests at once will give you the reward for all of them, but only the last of them will show up on feedback. However, if you check your inventory, it will reflect that you get the full reward for each quest.


  • This quest is no longer available after The Landsmeet.
  • It is not required to save the Bannorn Knight or any of the Soldiers in order to complete the quest. Even if every soldier dies the reward is the same. The journal simply states "You reported the loss of Loghain's troops to the Chantry Board" and makes no special mention of having saved all of them.
  • This quest's location can no longer be entered after updating the quest and leaving.
  • This quest's location is required for the Traveler achievement.
  • It is possible, though not always, to steal an 'Expert Flame/Frost/Lighting' rune from the 'Bannorn Knight' who stays in the area after the battle.

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