Logging stand is a crafting material in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Uses Edit

Skyhold Edit

Haven Edit

Locations Edit

Crestwood Edit

  • At the Memorial landmark in front of the wall with a painting on the east side of the Village of Crestwood. From the fast travel up the stairs and the path to the ruin looking buildings.

Emerald Graves Edit

  • Near the north north-west rift.
  • North of the Andraste's Promise landmark (east and out of the canyon from Fairbanks' first camp).

Emprise Du Lion Edit

  • Next to south-east of the Highgrove camp.
  • The island at the center of the frozen lake, by an unmarked hunter campsite, and a tower with a locked door.

Exalted Plains Edit

  • In the Halin'Sulahn region right next to the shard, southeast of the Dalish hunter you encounter, near the rune glyhp you light up with the torch.
  • Northeast of the Dalish camp, across the river.

Haven Edit

  • North of the frozen lake.

Hinterlands Edit

Hissing Wastes Edit

  • North of the Logging Camp.
  • North of Sand Crags Camp west of Mountain Fortress Camp near a blue tent.

Storm Coast Edit

  • On the outside along the southern wall of the Blades of Hessarian Camp.
  • West by northwest of Driftwood Margin Camp (the southernmost Inquisition camp), just down the hill.

Western Approach Edit

  • North-east of Lost Spring Canyon Camp.
  • East of Craggy Ridge Camp, near Valemont Pass and Lost Wash Creek, head up a little slope from the river.

Notes Edit

  • Unless the "Forward Scouts" Inquisition perk is active logging stands are not marked on the map.
  • Logging stands do not show up under search, unlike all other crafting material nodes.
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