Locks of the Golden Fool is an Act 1 side quest in Dragon Age II. It is a satirical tome about a deluded brother of the Chantry who sought peace between elves and humans. It is favored by radical elves choosing to live in Darktown.

Acquisition Edit

The book is found in the Kirkwall Chantry (Hightown).

Walkthrough Edit

Walk to the main hall of the Chantry, turn right and go upstairs. Locks of the Golden Fool is found sitting on a desk by a bed in northernmost part of the Chantry. The quest begins when you pick up the book.

Next you'll need to visit Darktown. An Elven radical is standing next to the western entrance of Darktown which looks like an elevator. Give the book to him and you will get 50 DAO silverpiece trans and 250 XP as a reward.

Rewards Edit

  • 50 DAO silverpiece trans
  • 250 XP
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