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Literary Theft is a companion quest in the Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age II if Varric Tethras is brought along as a companion.


Hawke finds a chapter of a book called Hard in Hightown II. It's an unauthorized sequel to one of Varric's stories. The quest mission is to find and destroy all copies of this work.


This quest appears in Chateau Haine after you enter the building. The First book will be on a bench beside the first guard you encounter.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

There are a total of three books you need to destroy.

1. Chateau Haine Interior - Beside the first guard you encouter in the actual Chateau.

2. Chateau Haine Interior - Right after the Hard to Stomach quest. On a table on the right, before the stairs.

3. The Dungeons - After your escape from your cell in the dungeon, head west. Once you defeat the guards at the end of the hallway the book will be on the table.

If you decide to fight through Chateau Haine then the first book will be right after the Hard to Stomach quest. The second book will be in the room where you find Codex entry: A Library of Distinction on a table.

Once the third book has been destroyed a treasure cache will be marked on the map. Its location is found in The Retreat after your fight with Cahir.


The True Author's Token The True Author's Token


  • Hawke will comment "This spelling is even worse than Anders's manifesto" even if Anders has not been recruited or even met.
  • A copy of the book can be seen on the table with the Thedas map in the teaser trailer "Fires Above" for Dragon Age: Inquisition.