This Denerim is a fine city, but I miss my Val Royeaux. She's quite beautiful this time of year.

Liselle is a merchant originally from Orlais, specifically Val Royeaux, who sells oils and flowers to the denizens of Denerim. She is new to Ferelden and especially Denerim and although she knows the Denerim Market District like the back of her hand, spending most of her time there, she is still unfamiliar with the rest of the city. Just like Ahren outside of Orzammar, this merchant will not trade with the Warden.

Background Edit

She and her brother had to leave Orlais and take refuge in Ferelden after a run-in with a chevalier. In Orlais, chevaliers are very highly respected knights; so highly respected that they are given the right to indulge in nearly every whim that strikes them, even ones that would otherwise be considered criminal. Liselle had attracted the eye of a certain chevalier, who used his privileged status as an excuse to try to rape her. Liselle's brother took a pot and, in a rage, hit the chevalier over the head with it. That night they fled Orlais for Ferelden, as assaulting a chevalier is a crime of the highest order in Orlais.

Trivia Edit

The directions Liselle gives you are incorrect. She speaks as if Denerim had an orientation rotated by 180 degrees at the time her character's lines were recorded.

Quotes Edit

  • "The chevalier are knights of the highest order. They are the most skilled in the world, their discipline formidable. For their service they are allowed... privileges. These privileges are not always fair... I was a victim once. They can do whatever they want to the lesser-born."
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