Lillith is a human merchant traveling to Vigil's Keep.

Involvement Edit

The Warden-Commander finds Lillith at an abandoned farm where she is surrounded by a group of bandits. After her rescue (375 XP reward), she will give the Commander 15DAO goldpiece trans and go to Vigil's Keep in order to vend her wares as part of the quest Trade Must Flow.

Result Edit

After rescuing her, she appears at Vigil's Keep, between Herren and Wade, where she tells the Warden of her deal with Mistress Woolsey to provide the other merchants at the keep with some new stock, before leaving to do her business. This is one of several prerequisites for Yuriah's second upgrade.

Bugs Edit

  • She sometimes appears at Vigil's Keep before you've rescued her. This does not affect the Trade Must Flow quest.
  • After you save Lillith, she might appear and talk to you every time you visit Vigil's Keep, as if you just rescued her.
  • There's a chance she won't appear in Vigil's Keep after you rescue her.
  • Sometimes when clicking her your party will disappear, along with other things. Talking to her a second time fixes this.
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