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For the amulet in Dragon Age II, see Lifestone (Dragon Age II).

Lifestone is an ingredient used to craft consumables in Dragon Age: Origins.



Dwarven Regicide Antidote Dwarven Regicide Antidote

Greater Nature Salve Greater Nature Salve

Lesser Nature Salve Lesser Nature Salve



Acidic Coating Acidic Coating

Acid Flask Acid Flask



Acidic Grease Trap Acidic Grease Trap

Acidic Trap Acidic Trap

Large Grease Trap Large Grease Trap

Poisoned Caltrop Trap Poisoned Caltrop Trap

Small Grease Trap Small Grease Trap


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Barlin Dane's Refuge, Lothering x2 12Silver 0Bronze
Figor Figor's Imports, Orzammar Commons x5 10Silver 0Bronze
Innkeeper The Spoiled Princess, Lake Calenhad Docks x3 12Silver 0Bronze
Merchant Lothering x5 16Silver 0Bronze
Quartermaster Ostagar x2 11Silver 50Bronze
Ruck Ortan Thaig, Deep Roads x99 (unlimited) 30Silver 0Bronze
Varathorn Dalish Camp, Brecilian Forest x5 12Silver 0Bronze

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Bartender The Crown and Lion Inn, City of Amaranthine x99 (unlimited) 11Silver 0Bronze
Yuriah Throne Room, Vigil's Keep x99 (unlimited) 12Silver 0Bronze


  • Crushing a lifestone gives the user a small bonus to nature resistance for a short time.
  • Often found as random world loot (Fractured Stone).