Lifedrinker is an amulet in Dragon Age: Origins.

Background[edit | edit source]

No one knows for certain where this amulet came from. All we have is a legend: Long before the Golden City turned black, there lived in the Tevinter Imperium a frail old magician in the court of the archon. He was the least among the mages of the court, the lamp-lighter. But he was only biding his time. One day, when all the magisters of the Imperium were assembled, the lamp-lighter struck and the magisters began to fall, one by one, until only the archon himself and the lamp-lighter were left, locked in a battle of magic and will. The archon bombarded the mage with spell after spell, until at last nothing was left of the palace but rubble, nothing left of the court but corpses, and nothing left of the lamp-lighter but a golden pendant—this, the archon kept to remind himself that treachery could come from even the most innocuous sources.
—From Codex entry: The Life Drinker

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Found in a Dragon Egg in the Mountainside Caverns of the Ruined Temple during The Urn of Sacred Ashes main quest.

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