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Liberate Emprise du Lion is a war table scouting operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Acquired as part of the side quest A Timely Intervention which serves as an introduction to Emprise du Lion as a new questing area after relocating to Skyhold.

Operation text[]

My dearest Josephine,

The Hills of Emprise Du Lion are in peril. A maidservant recently returned from visiting an uncle in Sahrnia spoke of gruff, helmeted men about Villagers’ Quarry, and the appearance of strange red crystals in their fields close by. I suspected red lyrium and sent men to investigate, but the bridges leading to the area had been destroyed—the Red Templars’ handiwork, I wager.

If we do not act quickly, all of the Highlands may be lost.

I wish I bore fairer tidings, my dear. My warmest regards to your family. I pray for the quelling of these winter winds of chaos, that we may meet again in springtime.

Your truest friend and ally,
Edouard Desjardins

Advisor suggestions[]

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Connections - Instant - Power cost: 20[]

The Elfsblood River froze over after an unseasonable chill. We’ll need brave soldiers and sturdy mounts, but it’s our only path into the mountains.

Secrets - N/A[]

Not participating in this mission.

Forces - N/A[]

Not participating in this mission.


We broke through to Sahrnia, and Lead Scout Harding is the vanguard sent to establish an Inquisition camp. Her early reports indicate that the red lyrium is spreading. Cullen