Lia is a city elf and the daughter of Elren.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Lia is involved in the quest Magistrate's Orders.

When entering the Ruined Passage, Hawke will find Elren's daughter Lia is still alive. She tells Hawke about the criminal, Kelder Vanard. She will make a plea for Hawke to spare Kelder. If Kelder is allowed to live, Elren and Lia have to flee Kirkwall. If Hawke kills Kelder, Lia is happily reunited with her father.

If Kelder was allowed to live, Hawke receives a letter from Elren. He thanks Hawke for rescuing his daughter, but she becomes more afraid of strangers as she grows older.

If Kelder was executed, once Hawke walks by the Kirkwall Alienage during Act 3, Lia walks up to thank the Champion of Kirkwall. If Aveline is in the party, it is revealed that Lia had joined the Kirkwall City Guard.

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