Best Served Cold is received after the completion of On The Loose, the version differs if either Orsino or Meredith was supported during the opening dialog of Act 3.

Letter Edit

If Hawke supported Meredith...

I require your presence in my office at Templar Hall as soon as possible. An urgent matter has arisen and given your recent actions, I believe you are the best one to deal with it.

Knight-Commander Meredith

If Hawke supported Orsino...
Champion Hawke,

It took great courage the other day for you to speak openly against our knight-commander. You have my support in any actions you take. I hope I have yours as well, for there is a situation in the Circle I was hoping you could assist me with. Please meet me at the Gallows. Meredith has confined my mages to their cells and forbade me from traveling further than the Courtyard. I appreciate your service and discretion.

First Enchanter Orsino

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