Bait and Switch is received in Act 1 if you completed A Business Discussion. The version depends on if either Meeran or Athenril helped Hawke during The Destruction of Lothering.

Letter Edit

If Hawke sided with Athenril...

You might be interested in something that's come up. A contact of mine, a fellow by the name of Anso, is asking around for someone competent regarding a job, and I suggested you. He's always paid well, so if I were you, I'd check into it before someone else snaps it up. He said he'll be in the Lowtown Bazaar at night.


If Hawke sided with Meeran...

A dwarf named Anso contacted the Red Iron looking for contract work. Wish I could take him up on it, but we've pressing business, so I recommended you. The dwarf pays well, so don't be a fool and miss out. Look for Anso in the Lowtown Bazaar at night if you're interested.


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