Lesser Injury Kit is a usable item in Dragon Age: Origins. Upon consumption the user instantly regains 10 health and is cured of a single injury.


  • This item can found as a loot throughout the game.

The Darkspawn ChroniclesEdit


Recipe Makes Ingredients Required skill
Rcp ico herbalism 2
Ico minor injury kit
Lesser Injury Kit
Rgt ico elfroot
Rgt ico deepmush
Rgt ico distill agnt
Skl ico herbalism 2


A Lesser Injury Kit costs 17DAO silverpiece trans 40DAO bronzepiece trans to craft (using supplies purchased from the least expensive merchants). They are the most cost-effective choice to cure a subject with 1 to 4 injuries. (Other factors such as cooldown time should be taken into consideration when deciding what type to use).

See alsoEdit

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