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Leske is a temporary companion of the Dwarf Commoner during the events of that origin. He is a casteless dwarf and the best friend of the Dwarf Commoner as they work together for the Carta's crime lord, Beraht.

Background Edit

Leske shows interest in the Dwarf Commoner's sister, Rica Brosca. If the Dwarf Commoner is female he will teasingly inquire about the Dwarf Commoner being jealous.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Leske helps the Dwarf Commoner with several tasks that their boss Beraht puts them up with. He does not seem to have moral issues with their work, however he is very careful to not get into trouble either. Olinda is also a friend of his. Leske will aid the Warden in lying to Beraht regarding Oskias' death and help them fence the lyrium nuggets.

During the quest Proving Loyalties, Leske can be potentially tasked by the Dwarf Commoner to poison Mainar's water basin. Once the Provings start he will wait in the trenches. However, after the Dwarf Commoner's identity is revealed, the guards also seize him and he ends up imprisoned along with the Dwarf Commoner in Beraht's Hideout.

Eventually they break out of their cells and kill all carta members that they encounter along with Beraht. However once they exit Beraht's Shop, guards seize them and Leske returns back to the Dust Town while the Dwarf Commoner joins the Grey Warden ranks. Before departing though he encourages the Warden to take full advantage of their opportunity and wishes them luck.

If the Warden is of Dwarf Commoner Origin, during A Paragon of Her Kind, Leske will be encountered again in Dust Town and greet the Warden. Leske will lead the Warden to their former Dust Town Home where a band of Carta thugs will ambush them. It is revealed that Leske has now become Jarvia's right-hand man. When the Warden storms the Carta Hideout, Leske will be confronted alongside Jarvia, where he derides the Warden for forgetting how things work in Orzammar.

If the Warden is not of Dwarf Commoner Origin they can find him alive and imprisoned in his cell in Orzammar's Carta Hideout. If released he will refer to a friend of his who stopped eating and died, "all for a stupid bet", an apparent reference to the unchosen Dwarf Commoner. Then the Warden can release him and Leske will thank them and say that he has lost count how much time he spent in this prison before he flees.

A spirit in the form of Leske will be encountered within the Gauntlet as part of A Test of Faith. He will have different dialogue if encountered after he is battled in Orzammar.

Initial statistics Edit

Skills Edit

Skl ico combat2 Improved Combat TrainingSkill-PoisonMaking icon Poison-Making

Talents Edit

Rogue Talent-DirtyFighting icon Dirty FightingSkl ico stealth 1 Stealth
Dual Weapon Talent dw dwtraining Dual-Weapon Training

Equipment Edit

Weapons Ico axe Axe  +  Ico dagger DaggerIco shortbow Shortbow
Armor Ico armor light Duster Leather armor set

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "About sodding time. I was starting to think I'd have to bust in and get an eyeful of that spicy sister of yours. Ga-row!"
  • (the sentence of the Dwarf Commoner for participating in the Provings) "Public whipping. Loss of your left hand for stealing the armour. Loss of your right hand for befouling a smith's work... Public flaying for impersonating a higher caste, and if that doesn't kill you, they'll put you to death for polluting the Proving."
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