Lenka is a dwarf of the Warrior caste and a Silent Sister-in-training. As she has taken her vows, she cut out her tongue to emulate the Paragon Astyth the Grey, and so cannot speak.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

During the Dwarf Commoner Origin she attends the Proving held in the honour of the Grey Wardens in order to complete her blooding and fully join the legendary order.

The Dwarf Commoner and Leske, on behalf of the crime lord Beraht, go to the Proving Grounds in order to mildly poison Mainar who fights with Everd, in order for the latter to win the battle as part of Proving Loyalties quest. However they find him drunk and unable to wake up and fight, so the Dwarf Commoner uses Everd's armor and fight on his behalf. Eventually the Dwarf Commoner advances to the third bout where they face Lenka.

As it is dictated by her blooding, she is not allowed to be defeated, so this fight is to the death making it a little harder than the previous. She is dual-wielding a longsword and a dagger. Eventually, Lenka is killed by the Dwarf Commoner and returned to The Stone without a sound as her vows demand.

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