The Legends Hero is the player-controlled protagonist of Dragon Age Legends.

Character Creation Edit

The player begins by selecting the protagonist's gender and class (warrior, rogue or mage). They can then choose a name and customize a little of the character's appearance (skin color, face, hair). The story then begins with a tutorial.

Story Edit

13 years before the start of the Hero's adventure, the city of Kaiten was on the verge of destruction. The then-Viscount Khedra, having turned into an abomination, brought violence and opulence to the peaceful city of Kaiten eventually dooming her into destruction.

The Viscount's nephew though, the Templar Ravi, assembled a party of warriors and defeated Khedra in a fearsome confrontation. The Hero was present at the battle, and even as a child, he/she managed to help Ravi's party in gaining an advantage over Khedra. After the defeat of the abomination, Ravi became the Viscount of Kaiten and the Hero is now one of his most trusted allies.

In present day, when a mysterious set of circumstances begin to form around Ravi's child, Eiton, the Hero is the only one Ravi trusts to save his son.

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