Lay Rest the Western Ramparts is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Pits are piled with bodies, attracting spirits and causing undead to rise. To make matters worse, the pits are protected by magical barriers, preventing anyone from reaching the dead to burn the remains. Once all the bodies are burned, a signaling horn will alert Gaspard's troops that the undead threat to the ramparts has been dealt with.

Acquisition Edit

Walkthrough Edit

  • Set Fire to the North Pit
  • Set Fire to the South Pit
  • Blow the Signaling Horn
  • Return to Corporal Rosselin

After speaking to Corporal Rosselin, advance into the Ramparts. Initially the ramparts are empty however the intersection of the gangways is approached, hordes of Undead will begin to emerge from the ground on en masse. Undead warriors, rogues and archers are present so beware of both melee and ranged attack.

Avoid going too close to the northern path, as this will attract the attention of the Arcane horror, forcing a fight with both the Horror and the Undead. Once the Undead are disposed of, the Arcane Horror can be approached safely and dealt with in isolation. Once the Horror is destroyed, use an opposite elemental magic attack to destroy the barrier and set fire to the body pit containing the corpses Demons are possessing.

After this head east to find the southern body pit. Again, beware of drawing the Horrors' attention too early and dispose of as many of the undead as possible before initiating combat with the horror. Destroy the barrier with the opposite elemental attack and torch the pit. Then use the horn at the intersection to sound the all clear.

Speak to Rosselin again to unlock the quest, Another Side, Another Story.


  • 967 XP
  • 200 Influence
  • 2 Power


  • The Imperial Army troops loyal to Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons retake the Western Ramparts.
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