Lateral Thinker
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Lateral Thinker is an achievement in the Trespasser DLC to Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is obtained by solving four puzzles and unlocking caches watched over by ancient statues.

Elven Mountain Ruins

The Dread Wolf keeps its gaze on the one light that illuminates the way forward.

Note that while the other three puzzles take you to out of the way areas or are not required to progress, this is the only one that is a part of the main path and must be completed.

Reach the statue of Fen'Harel inside the Forgotten Sanctuary, next to a mural. Light a single veilfire the statue is facing (second from the left). Press the button at the statue and claim your reward:

Arrowwood Icon Arrowwood

Deep Roads

Where the Dread Wolf's gaze blazes, paths are brought to light.

1. Get the Anchor Blast upgrade for the Anchor Discharge in the Shattered Library, then head back to the now half-submerged Deep Roads section via the respective eluvian. Use the upgraded ability near a collapsed entrance surrounded by casks with gaatlok to clear the way and enter the mirror (the first room after descending the Grand Stairway). You will find yourself in the hidden section of the Deep Roads called "Unknown Ruin".

2. Find the line of tiles leading from the statue of Fen'Harel to the mural. Put one character on the tile closest to the wolf and tell them to Hold Position. Use another character to press the button on the wolf statue. The tiles will move up in the air, forming a path. Walk it to light the veilfire. Claim your reward:

3. (Alternative Method) With the veilfire torch in hand, walk to the tiles on the floor. Move the camera away from the wolf. When you turn the camera back to the wolf, it should be staring at the direction of the tiles with glowing eyes. Without turning the camera away from the wolf, move to the back of the wolf to press the button. The tiles will rise to form a pathway. Climb the path to light the veilfire. Claim your reward:

Heart of Pride Icon Heart of Pride

Shattered Library

When the Dread Wolf's gaze is bright, light burns in a ring of the dead.

1. While in the Scholar's Retreat, leave at least one character near the eluvian that leads back to the Broken Tower and tell them to Hold Position. Switch to the Inquisitor. Use the invincibility provided by the Anchor Discharge to move safely through the violet fire and reach the statue of the Dread Wolf on the upper level of the island. Press the button at the statue. Quickly switch back to the character at the mirror and enter it. Note: You have approximately 30 secs to light a torch.

2. Run down to the lower level of the Broken Tower. Braziers held by the statues of the dead will be burning. Light a torch and head back to the Scholar's Retreat. Light the veilfire next to the statue of the Dread Wolf. Claim your reward:

Rime-Sword-icon Rime

The Darvaarad

One sees the hunter, one flees from it, one hunts it in turn, one outwits them all.

Enter the Research Tower. Light the veilfire at the bottom of the tower next to the statue of an owl. Then at the top of the tower, near the statues of a halla and a dragon. Return to the bottom floor to the statue of a wolf for the reward:

Bloody Bargain Icon Bloody Bargain


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