“'Oh, we'll just run in there, eradicate the darkspawn and be back in time for supper.' Well... whoops.Sigrun

Last of the Legion is a main quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Background[edit | edit source]

Captain Garevel reports that two hunters, Colbert and Micah, has stumbled across an entrance to the Deep Roads and a cave full of darkspawn. He suggests that this matter needs to be investigated.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

City of Amaranthine[edit | edit source]

Proceed to Amaranthine and interview Colbert near the entrance to the city. He will show you the location of a chasm in the Knotwood Hills. The quest journal and the world map will update accordingly.

Knotwood Hills and Kal'Hirol[edit | edit source]


After descending into the chasm of the Knotwood Hills, the Warden-Commander encounters Sigrun, a female, dwarven Legionnaire Scout, who can join the party before further venturing into Kal'Hirol. Within Kal'Hirol, another Legion of the Dead member, Jukka, informs you of the broodmothers before dying shortly afterwards. Across the bridge, where you meet a small group of deep stalkers, you can find an Ancient Dwarven Crate containing Ancient Boots, which later become Greaves of Hirol's Defense.

At the courtyard, if Sigrun is in the party she will tell you that most places that dwarves built have secret entrances into the main chamber. On the left of the courtyard is the switch to the secret passage. Using the side entrance avoids the pressure plate traps that line the Entrance Chamber. Without Sigrun in the party, there is no possible way to enter the Side Entrance.

Note: If you repond "That's cowardly," when Sigrun tells you to avoid the main door into Kal'Hirol, she disapproves Disapproves (-3).

Kal'Hirol - Main Hall[edit | edit source]

Note: On consoles, rogues will be automatically detected when they try to pass between the spiked barricades, regardless of stealth level. Stealthing again and passing through them does not remove stealth however, this allows a rogue to sneak forward and assassinate the Golem master before he awakens more than one of the golems.

Within the main hall at the Entrance Chamber (16 traps, disabling earns a total of 480 XP, but 2 may be difficult or impossible to detect), the next encounter is with the Golem Master, a darkspawn emissary who commands golems. He carries a Golem Control Rod, which the Warden-Commander can use on the Inert Golem which is semi-embedded in the left wall of the hallway to the East. Follow the Inert Golem to an encounter with an Emissary on top of a trap-laden stone bridge. At the Southern end of the bridge is a chest, while the Northern side loots some scrolls containing Masterpiece Paralyze Rune Tracing and Paragon Paralyze Rune Tracing. Descend down past some ghost dwarves fighting a battle.

The Commons is the next area, where a ghost bearing the likeness of Dailan is on a platform and is addressing a crowd of dwarves. Head southwards towards the Slums, where on the immediate right (westerly) is the Cracked Breastplate (Breastplate of Hirol's Defense), Paragon Cold Iron Rune Tracing and Masterpiece Cold Iron Rune Tracing and, after battling some corrupted spiders, on the left (easterly direction) is the Codex entry: A Scout's Report.

Head further southwards from the Slums to the southernmost point of the map, where there is a group of darkspawn including a Disciple Scout and genlock emissary. The Gravity Trap Plans and a Moldy Journal (Codex entry: Dailan's Journal) are located here. Continuing on north-east there will be 2 dwarven ghosts talking and straight ahead will be a lyrium-infused skeleton containing Lyrium Sand. Beside this room, to the north, is a room with the Lyrium Ring (gift), Paragon Immunity Rune Tracing, Masterpiece Immunity Rune Tracing and a wall carving for Codex entry: The Fortress of Kal'Hirol.

Continue to the other side of the Commons, but before entering the Trade Quarter, head north to battle a hurlock emissary who drops the Shattered Maul (Valos Atredum) and the Staff of Vigor. In the middle of the room there will be stairs leading to a chest that contains Sureshot Bolt x20 and a Expert Silverite Rune.

Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter[edit | edit source]

In the Trade Quarter, after the cinematic cutscene immediately on the left is Paragon Hirol's Shrine, which contains the Codex entry: The Paragon Hirol and Hirol's Sarcophagus with the Girdle of Kal'Hirol inside. Disturbing the sarcophagus will activate three Steel Golems. To the right of the sarcophagus there is a pile of scrolls on the ground which contains Elemental Rune Tracing. The next rooms contain Invading Hurlocks and Hurlocks in-fighting. The southern room contains a Commemorative Marker (Memories of the Stone side quest) and also Greater Stamina Draught Recipe, Partha and a Broken Sword (Kallak).

The Disciple leading The Architect's forces.

Head north across the stone bridge and in the chamber on the left there are the Engraved Silver Bracers and Lyrium Sand.

Backtrack and head north down the steps to the Forge area. The Iron Deposit containing Iron Ore for Elemental Requirements is located here. Across the lava bridge, are the Masterpiece Flame Rune Tracing, Paragon Flame Rune Tracing, Damaged Axe (Heirsplitter), a Lyrium Bucket (which is used to initiate a discussion with Anders), and the Repair Equipment golem for fixing the various damaged items picked up.

The next area is the Prison with a lone human prisoner, Steafan. Freeing him grants you a Masterpiece Flame Rune. In the next room are some childer hatchlings and to the south of this room is a runestone puzzle, which will grant the Gauntlets of Hirol's Defense and Nature's Blessing once complete. To complete the puzzle basically entails matching the floor rune to the wall rune by clicking on any two runes in quick succession to swap them.

Backtrack and continue west along the childer-infested passage, whilst collecting the Helm of Hirol's Defense, Masterpiece Stout Rune Tracing, Paragon Stout Rune Tracing, and Carved Greenstone from the Treasury, before ending up in a room with multiple routes - a passage north to the map's starting point, an exit returns to the Knotwood Hills (which you should probably use, since there is a bug/glitch associated with Sigrun's Joining), and the last exit continues to the Lower Reaches.

Kal'Hirol - Lower Reaches[edit | edit source]

In the Lower Reaches, the Warden-Commander faces The Lost and his Inferno golem simultaneously. The golem drops Inferno Golem Shell for Golem's Might and the Lost drops the Staff of the Lost.

Promotional image with Sigrun facing the Inferno golem

Further along the passageway, three broodmothers await. You cannot engage them in direct combat, even with ranged or AoE attacks. Instead, all that is needed is to break two of the four chains suspended above the broodmother pit; this drops a massive lyrium storage container on them, killing them.

If Sigrun is in the party, a dialogue will start, providing an opportunity to recruit her or let her go.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 1000 XP - finding Colbert and getting location of Knotwood Hills
  • 3500 XP - finding Sigrun and learning about the darkspawn army in Kal'Hirol
  • 3500 XP - finding the invading forces in the Trade Quarter
  • 6000 XP - after killing the 3 broodmothers

Side quests[edit | edit source]

Bombs Away! Bombs Away!
Elemental Requirements Elemental Requirements
Golem's Might Golem's Might
Heart of the Forest Heart of the Forest
The Long-Buried Past The Long-Buried Past
Lucky Charms Lucky Charms
Memories of the Stone Memories of the Stone
Runestone puzzle Runestone puzzle - unmarked optional side quest

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Inferno Golem Shell Inferno Golem Shell, source: Inferno golem
Iron Ore Iron Ore, source: Iron deposit
Lyrium Sand Lyrium Sand, source: Lyrium-infused skeleton and Lyrium deposit
Battlemage's Cinch Battlemage's Cinch, source: The Lost
Staff of the Lost Staff of the Lost, source: The Lost
Staff of Vigor Staff of Vigor, source: Hurlock emissary

Optionals Breastplate of Hirol's Defense Breastplate of Hirol's Defense, from Cracked Breastplate
Gauntlets of Hirol's Defense Gauntlets of Hirol's Defense, source: Sarcophagus - opens after solving the Runestone puzzle
Girdle of Kal'Hirol Girdle of Kal'Hirol, source: Hirol's sarcophagus
Greaves of Hirol's Defense Greaves of Hirol's Defense, from Ancient Boots
Heirsplitter Heirsplitter, from Damaged Axe
Helm of Hirol's Defense Helm of Hirol's Defense, source: Chest in Treasury
Hirol's Defense armor set Hirol's Defense armor set, source: various
Kallak Kallak, from Broken Sword
Valos Atredum Valos Atredum, from Shattered Maul
Nature's Blessing Nature's Blessing, source: Sarcophagus - opens after solving the Runestone puzzle
Partha Partha, source: Dailan's corpse

Notable gifts for companions: Carved Greenstone Carved Greenstone, source: Chest
Engraved Silver Bracers Engraved Silver Bracers, source: Pile of bones
Hirol's Lava Burst Hirol's Lava Burst, source: Chest
Lyrium Ring Lyrium Ring, source: Chest
Whetstone Whetstone, source: Crate

Craft recipes[edit | edit source]

Herbalism[edit | edit source]

Greater Stamina Draught Recipe Greater Stamina Draught Recipe

Trap-Making[edit | edit source]

Gravity Trap Plans Gravity Trap Plans

Runecrafting[edit | edit source]

Masterpiece Cold Iron Rune Tracing Masterpiece Cold Iron Rune Tracing
Paragon Cold Iron Rune Tracing Paragon Cold Iron Rune Tracing
Masterpiece Flame Rune Tracing Masterpiece Flame Rune Tracing
Paragon Flame Rune Tracing Paragon Flame Rune Tracing
Masterpiece Immunity Rune Tracing Masterpiece Immunity Rune Tracing
Paragon Immunity Rune Tracing Paragon Immunity Rune Tracing
Masterpiece Paralyze Rune Tracing Masterpiece Paralyze Rune Tracing
Paragon Paralyze Rune Tracing Paragon Paralyze Rune Tracing
Masterpiece Stout Rune Tracing Masterpiece Stout Rune Tracing
Paragon Stout Rune Tracing Paragon Stout Rune Tracing
Elemental Rune Tracing Elemental Rune Tracing

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • If Last of the Legion is the last of the three main quests to be completed before the battle for the Keep or Amaranthine, you will not be able to make Sigrun into a Grey Warden. A workaround is take the exit back to the Knotwood Hills at the end of the Trade Quarter and induct Sigrun into the Grey Wardens before returning to complete Last of the Legion.
  • There is a graphics bug that sometimes happens, the result of which is that after the Warden has broken a chain to kill the Broodmothers, the characters' arms will look as though they have their weapons drawn even when they are not.
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